— Care Collective 

Fall 2019, Harvard GSD, Instructor: Frida Escobedo
With Cynthia Deng (MArch I, MUP ‘21) 

The first permanent home for Mexico City’s domestic labor union, Sinactraho, that adapts to the existing informal infrastructure used by the domestic worker community. 

— Reject the closed, fortified, and isolated model of union buildings
— Embrace and open to the vibrant context and informalities
— Embrace flexibility, reprogrammability, democratic adaptability, and growth
— Recognize and create space for coalition-building across movements, with civil society
— Bring the constellation of union resources and meeting space types into the headquarters
— Support a pluralist agenda that addresses broader sociopolitical issues
— Center domesticc workers’ needs and women workers’ needs
— Forefront exchange within a diverse economy